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Daniel Taub Contributions in Enhancing Peace

Daniel Taub introduced himself to the queen as the newly appointed Israel Ambassador. His grey hair indicated that he was one of the senior representatives in the country. Daniel Taub is an Orthodox Jew and was born in British in 1962.


The queen thought that Mr. Daniel Taub would change his nationality due to his efforts of uniting the two nations. Daniel raised his children in their historical motherland. She asked Daniel Taub about his comments on representing Israel since he had stayed in the country for almost thirty years.


Recognition of Daniel Taub


During a send-off reception at Taub home, visitors and friends confirmed that he was a successful and popular Israel ambassador after Shlomo Argov. Daniel Taub had faith in life and was able to build bridges from the same. He was among the officials who presented the Israel cases to the government and addressed the media on various programs like Today and Newsnight. He focused on strengthening the Israel and UK relationship.


Contributions to Israel


The renowned ambassador educated the public about Israelites and its leadership. He talked about the cooperation achieved in the Middle East countries regardless of the crises witnessed. The envoy revealed that the Middle East region is in turmoil and encouraged interested groups to treat the area with patience. He asked the parties to focus on the essential aspects of Israel as it is difficult to predict what will happen.


Israel Agreements


Iran and Israel will both benefit from the treaty if they stick to the agreed ideas. Iran will retain their nuclear power. The peace agreement with Jordan and Egypt has impacted the region positively. Daniel Taub touched on the opportunities created by governments of different countries like America when they seal a deal with Israel. Israel receives technological supplies from the US.


Daniel Taub advocated for revision of the relationship between Labor Party in Israel and British Labor Party. Previously, the parties were in good terms since they shared a lot in common. He urged the groups to work towards regaining the past relationship. Palestine and Israel are going through the same problem, and he thinks that his country needs a genuine and lasting security solution.


The legate shows concern on the issue of nourishing the Jewish in the diaspora. Daniel Taub presented these suggestions to the queen. Mr. Taub first honored the monarchy before airing his demands to catch the attention of the listeners and her Excellency, the queen.


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