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End Citizen United Now

Political corruption seems to be at an all time high in the United States. This problem is not new, but since we live in a time where the news is delivered straight to your smartphone, corruption has become more apparent. The Supreme Court made a decision in 2010 which further solidified the idea that corporations are to be treated as people. While there was a lot of debate over the ruling, it is still in effect to this day. End Citizens United was established March of 2015 to stand up against government corruption, and to promote political candidates who they believe will stand up against corruption.

Recently, President Trump signed an Executive Order which would allow pastors to openly promote political candidates. The order is an attempt to repeal the Johnson amendment that was passed in 1954. The Johnson amendment prohibits certain non-profit organizations, like churches, from promoting political candidates.

The idea of separating churches from political matters was always implicit in the United States since the beginning of the United States. In order to keep the church pure, there needs to be a separation of the church and all political issues. I believe that passing this bill will only lead to a more deeply divided society, and it would make the church a place that even fewer people would like to be.

End Citizens United(ECU) is a Democratic, political action committee that works in direct opposition of Citizens United. Citizens United is a Republican, non-profit organization that has been around since 1988. ECU helps to elect officials that they feel have their values in mind. In Atlanta, the successful election of Jon Ossoff was partly due to the campaign funding raised by ECU. Democrats in Atlanta fought hard to get Ossoff into the typically Republican congressional district.

ECU raised about four million dollars during the first three months of this year. They plan to raise thirty-five million before the 2018 midterm election. With all the money they plan to raise, End Citizens United will help to turn the tables in Congress and Senate, both of which are now majority Republican. I believe that ECU has a good chance to get more Democrats elected.

Since the election of Donald Trump, people on all sides of the political spectrum have voiced concerns about him. Most people would agree that Trump does not have the right temperament to be a proper president. I believe that future candidates who label themselves as Republican will be at a slight disadvantage, because of all the grief caused Trump. People will remember the times a Republican completely lied to them, and their emotions will guide their votes.