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Squaw Valley Ski Area – Water Quality

Water at Squaw Valley Ski Area is returning to normal thanks to the quick actions of the resort, public health officials and water quality experts. Guests at High Camp and Gold Coast at the resort will be notified when the issue is fully resolved and normal water use resumes.


The Situation:

In a public statement, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings indicated that routine water tests on the upper mountain of Squaw Valley Ski area in October showed the presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria. Squaw Valley confirmed that an unusually heavy rainstorm negatively affected two water systems that were upgraded over the summer. The other water supplies at the resort were not affected.


Squaw Valley’s Response

The resort immediately notified the appropriate public health authorities – Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Squaw Valley also took appropriate action to prevent any guest contamination including closing the restaurants on the upper mountain and providing free bottled water. The contaminated water was NEVER available to the public.

Squaw Valley also consulted with water quality experts to determine an appropriate course of action to help return the water to normal levels. The resort quickly started treating the water. The resort will not resume using the water from the two affected water systems until they are certain that it is completely safe for human consumption.


Current situation

At the time of the public statement, the water treatment has eliminated E. coli from the affected system and reduced the level of coliform to low. The restaurants on the upper mountain remain closed and guests are still using bottled water but there is top to bottom skiing. Normal and full access to the facilities at the resort are available with the exception of the restaurants and the required use of free bottled water. It’s easier to carry down the slopes bottled anyway!! Happy skiing!



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