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Securus Technologies Promotes Video Visitation

Securus Technologies recently released customer comments that were made about one of Securus` latest pieces of high tech equipment, Video Visitation. This service connects family and friends to incarcerated inmates electronically through the use of a smartphone, tablet, or computer. All the caller needs is a video screen.


CEO and President of Securus, Rick Smith, stated that Securus receives about 160,000 calls monthly, that’s over 2 million calls a year. Mr. Smith stated that Securus is expecting that volume of calls to increase on a yearly basis.


Video Visitation is increasing in popularity because it is more cost effective for families to call (an average video visitation call costs $2.72), it saves on gas money and parking fees, family members that would normally have a hard time with traditional visitation (elderly or infirm friends and family) are able to enjoy a visit from the comfort of their homes.


With Video Visitation inmates are able to be present for family celebrations, holidays, or helping kids with homework after school. This keeps incarcerated inmates present in daily life and actually helps cut down on the recidivism rate for inmates that keep a close family connection.


Video Vistitation is available for free download as an app and has had over 232,000 app downloads thus far. To view all the details of Video Visitation and to read more about Securus’ Video Visitation technology, please click here.


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