Squaw Valley Ski Area – Water Quality

Water at Squaw Valley Ski Area is returning to normal thanks to the quick actions of the resort, public health officials and water quality experts. Guests at High Camp and Gold Coast at the resort will be notified when the issue is fully resolved and normal water use resumes.


The Situation:

In a public statement, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings indicated that routine water tests on the upper mountain of Squaw Valley Ski area in October showed the presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria. Squaw Valley confirmed that an unusually heavy rainstorm negatively affected two water systems that were upgraded over the summer. The other water supplies at the resort were not affected.


Squaw Valley’s Response

The resort immediately notified the appropriate public health authorities – Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Squaw Valley also took appropriate action to prevent any guest contamination including closing the restaurants on the upper mountain and providing free bottled water. The contaminated water was NEVER available to the public.

Squaw Valley also consulted with water quality experts to determine an appropriate course of action to help return the water to normal levels. The resort quickly started treating the water. The resort will not resume using the water from the two affected water systems until they are certain that it is completely safe for human consumption.


Current situation

At the time of the public statement, the water treatment has eliminated E. coli from the affected system and reduced the level of coliform to low. The restaurants on the upper mountain remain closed and guests are still using bottled water but there is top to bottom skiing. Normal and full access to the facilities at the resort are available with the exception of the restaurants and the required use of free bottled water. It’s easier to carry down the slopes bottled anyway!! Happy skiing!



Bruno Fagali: Hiring A Competent Attorney In Brazil

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Transforming People Lives with Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a wealthy investor and businessman. As the managing partner at Madison Partners LLC he mostly deals with real estate and Bio Tech innovations. He previously was the chairman and the CEO of Zinio LLC which is a digital news firm. He also served as the CEO of NaviSite which also offers internet technology services. He later on became an individual investor in both real estate and technology.

Through his adequate abilities and experience which he got at NaviSite and Zinio made him develop Madison Partners. According to crunchbase.com, Arthur Becker the total outcome of the services he provided was excellent. Furthermore he funded the development of a new biotech firm. He as well has a lot of experience of many years to detect where the best chances in the market can be found and utilized them well.

Arthur Becker always advises people and reminds them that working together is helpful because it makes the company develop mostly when devotion and honesty are there. He is also now working in finishing Suvillivan a town estate located in New York City.

Arthur Becker and the workers have a good relationship there it contributed to the success of the company. Due to his brilliance and experience in the industry of business it has helped him a lot invent new strategies especially in biotech that help cancer patients. He has also taken his time to advise young upcoming investors who are trying to make it in the business industry.

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Securus Technologies Promotes Video Visitation

Securus Technologies recently released customer comments that were made about one of Securus` latest pieces of high tech equipment, Video Visitation. This service connects family and friends to incarcerated inmates electronically through the use of a smartphone, tablet, or computer. All the caller needs is a video screen.


CEO and President of Securus, Rick Smith, stated that Securus receives about 160,000 calls monthly, that’s over 2 million calls a year. Mr. Smith stated that Securus is expecting that volume of calls to increase on a yearly basis.


Video Visitation is increasing in popularity because it is more cost effective for families to call (an average video visitation call costs $2.72), it saves on gas money and parking fees, family members that would normally have a hard time with traditional visitation (elderly or infirm friends and family) are able to enjoy a visit from the comfort of their homes.


With Video Visitation inmates are able to be present for family celebrations, holidays, or helping kids with homework after school. This keeps incarcerated inmates present in daily life and actually helps cut down on the recidivism rate for inmates that keep a close family connection.


Video Vistitation is available for free download as an app and has had over 232,000 app downloads thus far. To view all the details of Video Visitation and to read more about Securus’ Video Visitation technology, please click here.